Event(ually) Speaking

We have event ideas and resources that we would love to make available to you. As with everything else with the Revolution, nothing is cookie-cutter or pre-pecakged, so these ideas and resources can be tailored to fit your needs.

Our strongest desire is to share the message of Jesus Christ in an atmosphere where it will be received the best (and this varies from group to group and depending on varying settings and situations), and we are able to do this through a variety of methods and in a variety of venues.

We are also available to help you custom plan an event that will meet the needs of your group. If your need for an event includes production, we even have a full sound, lighting and projection system. To learn more about our communicators and the resources we have to offer you, please contact us.

Here are a few event ideas:
The theme of these events can vary to fit your application, or we can help you pick a theme.

Discipleship Weekends (Disciple Now)
5th Quarter (Post Sporting Events)
One Night Stand (One Night Discipleship Retreat)
War in the Woods
School Assemblies
In Her Shoes
Camps and Retreats...

The Core

Creating environments where people are equipped and encouraged to boldly express their faith in Jesus Christ.

The Motto

Encourage believers in their faith;
Equip them to impact their world with the Gospel!