The Core

people, People, PEOPLE

In John 4 when Jesus met the woman at the well, do you remember what He bagan talking to her about? Well water! Jesus did not share with her a tract or give her a WWJD bracelet or even offer to pray for her. The first thing that Jesus did was to meet her at the point of her need, not at the point of his knowledge.

During the course of the Christian life, it is easy to get distracted by the trappings of daily life. Often we confuse ministry with a method and forget that it is all about people! Not only do people need to be ministered to differently, but they also have a unique way of ministering to others.

Being a revolutionary, blazing a new trail, thinking the unthinkable is the kind of off the wall, no holds barred Christianity that we have been wired for and this world is so desperately searching for! Ministry is not a book, a method or church growth model, it is solely about uniting people with the Creator who handcrafted their every part.

The Core

The aim of everything that we do is to see individuals experience fulness in their walk with Christ!

The Motto

Encourage believers in their walk,
Equip them with the needed tools,
Empower them to reach their world!