All About WantARevolution

Our calling is to encourage believers in their faith, equip those Christ followers to make a permanent mark on our culture and to empower them to boldly live out their faith in Jesus Christ. div

Started in the Fall of 2005 (history), WantARevolution has taken aim at common Christianity. Our ultimate desire is to see people maximize their relationship with God, not to practice a passionless Christianity with fluff and no stuff!

Engaging issues such as God's plan for your life, change, the future and culture, we carefully and relevantly communicate God's life transforming truth. The desire of our heart is to help people realize that they have been set aside for God's specific purpose for their life and that they are the catlyst for change in their world!

We are passionate about reaching non-believers with the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ. Today's message is the same that it has always been, Jesus is Lord and the only way to receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life. We use cutting edge communication techniques to share this timeless message. We present the Gospel in a manner that is relevant to today's culture, by creating an atmosphere of powerful worship and sound teaching based solely on God's Word.

We have a heart to help people discover their significance in Christ and how their unique gifts and abilities fit into His redemptive plan. We desire to spread the message of Christ and motivate believers to become the people of God that they are created to be!

The Core

The aim of everything that we do is to see individuals experience fulness in their walk with Christ!

The Motto

Encourage believers in their walk,
Equip them with the needed tools,
Empower them to reach their world!