Practical Tools and Tips

You're on the road to getting your finances in order! You're asking God to help you get your priorities straight, you're committed not to borrow and learning to live on less than you make. That makes you weird! (in a good way).

We're excited to be a part of this journey with you! Below you will find links to a ton of forms that we made available during our series. If you have any questions on how to use one of these forms or just need a little encouragement, CONTACT US.

Monthly Budget Form PDF (non editable)
Monthly Budget Form Excel Sheet (editable)

Transaction Register (non editable)
Transaction Register (editable)
Expanded Transaction Register (non editable)
Expanded Transaction Register (editable)

Debt Reduction Form Example
Debt Reduction Form (non editable)
Debt Reduction Form (editable)

Irregular Income Planning Example
Irregular Income Planning Form

Below you will find some good information on dealing with debt collectors, a sample letter to contact a creditor, spending guidelines and more!

Income Sources Recap
Breakdown of Savings
Major Components of a Healthy Financial Plan (Checklist)
Spending Guidelines
Lump Sum Payment Form

Credit Card History
Creditor Contact Letter
Dealing With Debt Collectors
Your Rights With Debt Collectors
What Happens When I Settle On A Debt?